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I am an independent distributor for "Young Living Essential Oils".

What are Essential Oils ?

Essential oils, which have been used prior to the time of Christ,
have been called the "life blood" of a plant. These powerful
aromatic substances are extracted from certain species of
flowers, grasses, fruits, leaves, roots and trees.

Essential oils carry the ability to regenerate, protect,
and sustain life. At present there are about 300 essential
oils, which between them constitute an extremely effective
medical system. These liquids are also indispensable to the
food and cosmetic industries. Essential oils are well known
for their mood and emotion-enhancing capacities.

How can they be used ?

Essential oils can be experienced through a number of
methods. They may be used simply as perfume by dissolving
in oil or alcohol, or as a therapeutic inhaled vapor, massage
oil or body soak. Their properties may also heal wounds.

Essential oils may be shared as sprays, disinfectants, or
deodorizers. Some may be ingested.

Become familiar with your favorite oils and use them for
your well-being and that of your family.

Please contact me today for more information on
Young Living products and availability.



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